1 Org Pack of 1440pcs Swarovski Crystal Beads 5328 3mm Xillion Beads - Crystal Clear AB

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Come with Original Genuine Swarovski Factory Pack
Made in Austria

COLOR & FINISH: Crystal Clear AB
QUANTITY: 1 pack ( 1440pcs )
STYLE: Xillion Beads
SIZE: 3mm

The brilliant XILION CUT
Since the launch of the XILION Chaton & Rose, XILION has stood for the utmost brilliance, intense sparkle and fascinating light effects. The sophisticated interplay of large and small facets that is the hallmark of the XILION cut is developed using state-of-the-art technology, and adapted to the specific product group: the result is optimal refraction, which intensifies the light and makes the crystal irresistibly attractive.

Following the successful introduction of the XILION family, a further key product that features the XILION cut will now debut: XILION Bead (article 5328).

Fascinating benefits
Just as the one-of-a-kind brilliance and intense luminosity of the new XILION Bead ensure clear differentiation possibilities. The bead’s especially round equator provides increased wearing comfort. The new XILION Bead also benefits customers in the following ways:

Complex faceting and geometric perfection: patented XILION cut
Attractive form through increased number of facets
Can be combined with previous bead (article 5301)

Polished, crystal-clear hole creates increased brilliance
Only SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS offers rounded hole edges that protect thread for long-lasting designs

Patented cut
From small to large, absolutely precision-cut facets are arranged to optimally draw in and refract light. The XILION cut is patentprotected by Swarovski.

Optimal reflection
Both the outstanding light reflection and the optimal light distribution that characterizes the XILION cut have been confirmed in studies performed by the Swarovski light lab in collaboration with the renowned Fraunhofer Institute (IOF).

Swarovski Crystal
The name Swarovski has been inextricably linked to precision cut crystal and fashion for more than 113 years. The founder Daniel Swarovski I, born in Northern Bohemia in 1862, the centre of a flourishing crystal and costume jewellery industry, was fascinated with crystal from his earliest years. As a young man he showed an aptitude for invention and entrepreneurship that was to form the basis of what today is a family company employing 20,000 people and with a presence in more than 120 countries.
Austrian Swarovski is the Finest High Quality Crystals made today. It contain a minimum of 32% lead Making The Crystal so Pure. Crystals are faceted with high tremendous Precision, Creating Stunning Prism in any light source area.
So if you are looking for some Crystals. Please insist on Swarovski Crystals.