1 pc 17mm Swarovski Crystal 4485 Twister fancy stone with metal base BLUE SHADE

  • $7.20

Genuine Swarovski Fancy Stone with claw base ( gold Plated)
Made in Austria

COLOR & FINISH: Blue Shade
QUANTITY: 1 piece
SIZE: 17mm
Please take note : there is no hole in the crystal ,. only the base have 2 holes each at the 2 side

Fancy Stones are popular design elements because they are offered in more than 40 different shapes and cuts, in the finest classical crystal colours / effects and in the latest trend colours / effects, as well as in a large range of sizes. Their pointed back facilitates application in settings or they can be directly set and glued into pre-cast cavities.

Ships worldwide from Singapore.

Should you need more of this item,or lesser quantity then stated, please convo me.

Polished, crystal-clear hole creates increased brilliance
Only SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS offers rounded hole edges that protect thread for long-lasting designs

Patented cut
From small to large, absolutely precision-cut facets are arranged to optimally draw in and refract light.

Swarovski Crystal
The name Swarovski has been inextricably linked to precision cut crystal and fashion for more than 113 years. The founder Daniel Swarovski I, born in Northern Bohemia in 1862, the centre of a flourishing crystal and costume jewellery industry, was fascinated with crystal from his earliest years. As a young man he showed an aptitude for invention and entrepreneurship that was to form the basis of what today is a family company employing 20,000 people and with a presence in more than 120 countries.
Austrian Swarovski is the Finest High Quality Crystals made today. It contain a minimum of 32% lead Making The Crystal so Pure. Crystals are faceted with high tremendous Precision, Creating Stunning Prism in any light source area.
So if you are looking for some Crystals. Please insist on Swarovski Crystals.